Govt. expresses concern on the deplorable Kaluulu Bridge in Kasama

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Govt. expresses concern on the deplorable Kaluulu Bridge in Kasama


Kasama July 3, 2013,-ZANIS- Government  says  it is saddened by the deplorable state of Kaluulu Bridge.



Kasama District Commissioner Kalanga Bwalya says  the bridges are a death trap and he will not seat back and relax as his people are suffering.



ZANIS reports that the District Commissioner said this said this when he toured three bridges in Kasama, over the long weekend.



Mr. Bwalya said that the three bridges are pathetic and are going to result into disaster soon and lives will be lost if the situation is not checked.



He said the PF government   is concerned about the well-being of people, hence, the need to ensure that the current drastic situation is corrected.



He also lamented that school-going children and pregnant mothers are always cut off during the rainy season and it is very important that something is done before the onset of the rains.



Mr. Bwalya said it is not fair for people to complain about the some bridges year in and year out.



He has since appealed to Members of Parliament  (MP’s) to get concerned about such issues.



 And a resident of Kaluulu village Fidelis Mutale appealed to the government to construct the bridge before the rainy season.



He said that the people of Kaluulu village are suffering especially that most people depend on farming and their farm produce have to be transported to town for sale through the sama bridge.