Chief Kanyesha appeals learning institution

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———A traditional ruler in Luano district in Central Province has appealed to government to take full responsibility of the construction of a school in his chiefdom.

Chief Kanyensha of the Swaka speaking people said once the Chitambo Shimoko Primary School in his area was constructed, it will carter for school children who were currently covering a distance of about 15km to the nearest school, Lusenfwa Hydro School.

He said he has already started the project with KR150, 000 from Mkushi South Constituency Development Fund (CDF) part of which went to pay the contractor while the other money would be spent on drilling a borehole.

The traditional leade said the area where the school is being built is surrounded by about 7, 000 families whose children are in dire need of education.

He explained that villagers had already started mobilising sand, stones and other required building materials and labour as their contribution towards the project.

Chief Kanyensha also appealed to government to consider constructing a secondary school in the newly established district, saying the only secondary school  from the   is Mkushi secondary school in Mkushi district which is far away.

He said Luano district was composed of six chiefdoms which include Senior Chief Mboroma, Chief Chikupili, Chief Chembe, Chief Kaundula, Chief Mbosha and himself who needed a secondary school.