Chief Kanyesha invites investors to Luano

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Chief Kanyesha  invites investors to Luano

Luano July 1/13, ZANIS ————- Chief Kanyensha of the Luano district in Central province has extended an invitation to investors in agriculture and mining to get land from him.

Chief Kanyensha said there were many investors who showed interest to invest in his area but feared the Mailoni brothers who brutally killed 12 people in the district but have since been killed also by government defence and security force.

He told ZANIS yesterday at his palace that he was happy that the three Mailoni brothers were gunned down, saying all those who wanted land in his chiefdom could now see him so that the area could open up to development.

And Chief Kanyensha, who is expecting to harvest about 15,000 bags of maize this season, said he is happy that government has come up with a system in which farmers are expected to exchange their maize for agricultural inputs, particulary fertilizer.

The traditional leader also encouraged his subjects to be hard workers and become self reliant instead of depending on government programs such as Farmer Input Support Program (FISP).