Govt. will not displace people of Nega nega area in Chikankanta District

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Government says it will not relocate the people of Nega-Nega in whose area government intends to construct new infrastructures befitting the status of a District.



Chikankanta District Commissioner Sylvester Simayaba has since advised the people of Nega–Nega not to panic saying the  rumors being spread about their intended evictions are false and unsubstantiated.




ZANIS reports that Mr.  Simayaba disclosed this when he featured on Chikankata radio special  interview, today.



He explained  that although the land in question will now be a state land, government will use an integration process where everyone will be involved in developing the area.



Mr. Simayaba said government will not evict anyone from the area but will encourage the people in the area to upgrade their own structures to modern ones.



And Simayaba has disclosed that the engineers from the Ministry of Local Government and Housing have finalized the planning process for the new District.



The District Commissioner said what remained was the township layout plan of Chikankata District.



The Chikankata DC assured that construction works will commence once the plan is signed and made available to the district by Minister of Local Government and housing.



Chikankata is one of the newly created Districts in Southern Province with others including Pemba and Zimba.