Govt. advises farmers to use improved crop varieties

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Mazabuka District Commissioner Eugene Munyama has advised farmers in the District to consider using improved crop varieties in order to enhance food security.



Mr. Munyama  has urged the farming community in the area to use improved crop varieties as well practice crop diversification in a bid to improve national food security.



ZANIS reports that the District Commissioner said this at the Magoye Block Agriculture and Commercial show held last week under the theme “Agriculture as Business in a Changing Environment .”



He stated that there is need for farmers to consider venturing into the cultivation of some drought resistant crops if they are make yields considering the unpredictable rainfall patterns that the district has experienced in the recent past.  



Mr. Munyama further assured farmers that Government remains committed to empowering them with basic farming methods as well and services such as the provision of timely farming inputs in order for them to reap maximum profits from their farming business.



The D.C advised that farmers could make superior profit and empower themselves economically if they use modern agricultural technologies such as conservation agriculture.




Mr. Munyama revealed that Mazabuka District has also been included to be among the pilot districts that will implement the E -Voucher system during the 2013-2014 farming season.



 He urged exhibitors at the show to teach their fellow farmers on various agriculture activities so they can also learn new farming technologies.