— Govt. procures mattresses and linen for Kalabo health facilities

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Govt. procures mattresses and linen for Kalabo health facilities


Kalabo, June 21/2013, ZANIS —— Government has procured mattresses and linen at a total cost of KR 75 500 specifically for all the healthy facilities in Kalabo Central Constituency.


ZANIS  reports  that Kalabo District Council Secretary Milly Muluti confirmed the development  in an interview ,  in Kalabo today.


Mrs. Muluti said that so far the 100 mattresses have been received in the district while the 200 blankets and 100 pillows were still in transit adding that the items were a special order specifically for the health facilities.


The items that have been procured by Kalabo area Member of Parliament Chinga Miyutu  using the Constituency Development Fund ( CDF ) are aimed at supplementing  various health care in  the District.


And Kalabo District Community Medical Officer  Arthur Mutuna says that the procurement of the mattresses and linen for all the health facilities in Kalabo Central Constituency was a welcome development.


Dr. Mutuna said that such necessities were really needed in the health sector and thanked the area MP  for initiating the move and his CDF committee for its wise decision of considering procuring the mattresses and the linen for the needy.