Mbesuma ranch needs capital

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Mbesuma ranch needs capital


Chinsali, June 14, 2013, ZANIS…Muchinga province minister Colonel

Gerry Chanda says he is saddened with the casual approach of

authorities charged with the responsibility to manage Mbesuma Breeding

Centre in Chinsali district.


Colonel Chanda said the casual approach to duty is worrying

saying the ranch needs serious investment as shown by the rate at

which the animals are multiplying.


The minister who described the project as a cosmetic programme said

although the ranch seems to be doing fine there is need for more investment

to boost the breeding capacity instead of having one animal per cow each year.


Colonel Chanda said the Mbesuma Breeding Centre is a good project

which if well managed and more investment capital can create

employment opportunities  as well as generate income for the treasury.


The Minister said that the project has minimum risks compared to

the mining industry and other sectors of the economy.


He charged that economic development can only come about if the

country widens its investment portfolio through such projects hence the need for

the ranch to have a clear cut policy on investment.


Colonel Chanda stated that the project will provide improved breeding

stock for enhancement of livestock production if more funds are

injected in.


He said the project will also improve the livelihood of small scale

farmers in Muchinga, Northern and the country as a whole if allowed to

operate at full capacity with support from the line ministry.


The Minister said it is high time that the authorities managing the

project takes keen interest in it if they want to make

the centre a breeding centre.


And Ranch Manager Patrick Andrish Mpundu told the Minister that the

ranch started with one 102 animals after its re-establishment in 2007

and that it now has a total of 466 animals.


Mr. Mpundu said the ranch has 14 bulls,104 cows, 218 bulling

heifers, 49 yearling heifers,16 calves,64 young bulls and 5 oxen.


He said the price modalities have already been developed and that the

only thing remaining is for Cabinet Office to approve in order to

enable the ranch sell the animals to locals and other Zambians.


He said the proposed market offload for the sale of young bulls will

be sold to 40% women, 40% youth and 20% will be sold to on the market .


The ranch Manager further said that this year 64 young bulls will be

offloaded to small holder livestock farmers using the modalities yet

to be approved.


Mr. Mpundu added that the breeding centre has managed to procure farm

equipment for operations and pasture development and the equipment

include a 75HP tractor, tipper trailer, and a land cruiser.


Mr. Mpundu also bemoaned poor staffing levels at Mbesuma Breeding

Centre saying the Ranch only has two full time officers employed by

the government and 20 casual employees who include eight herdmen.