US supports Zambia on need for Africa to solve own problems

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United States (US) Ambassador Mark Storella has supported the Patriotic Front (PF) government’s stance that Africans should be left to solve their own problems.

Mr. Storella said African countries have the capability to resolve their own issues hence the west should not interfere.

He said the U.S government will therefore continue to support Zambia in leading the way to show the world that Africa was capable of solving its own problems.

He was speaking last night when he hosted the visiting Venture Moody Band at his residence for a country music cocktail.

And Mr. Storella said American companies were investing in Zambia because they see a great future in the Southern African country.

He said it was a well known fact that Zambia has being one of the top ten fastest growing economies in the world this year.

He said the US government expects Zambia to be in the same rank next year.

Meanwhile, Mr. Storella said the U.S government wants to help Zambia and Zimbabwe to step up their economic development in terms of tourism potential and conservation of wildlife.

He said the sector was very important in getting people from all over the world to visit the two countries.

And leader of the Venture Moody Band Rebecca Venture said her band was looking at how it could work closely with Zambian artists for them to improve their art.

Ms. Venture said Zambian artist have great potential to penetrate the international market saying all they lacked was exposure.