Govt notes worker’s hardships

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Govt notes worker’s hardships
Milenge, June 12, 2013, ZANIS——— Luapula province minister Brigadier General Benson Kapaya

says government is aware of the hardships faced by public service workers in most remote areas of the country.

Brig-Gen Kapaya says it is sad that public service workers including teachers and other civil
servants live in houses that are in bad shape while others have no
accommodation at all.

He said the government is working tirelessly to ensure that teachers
and other civil servants in all the districts have decent housing.

ZANIS reports that Brig-Gen Kapaya said this in Milenge when he
addressed civil servants at the boma where he explained the
benefits for the government decision to remove maize and fuel subsidies .

He explained that government removed subsides on
fuel and maize to help address such challenges as those
that are faced by teachers and other civil servants.

Brig-Gen Kapaya has since called on civil servants to understand the
removal of subsidies on fuel and maize by the government and explain
to the people .

He added that civil servants are the implementing agents of such
policies and hence the need for them to understand policies of the

He observed that subsidies have not in any way benefited the ordinary
citizens and that it was for this reason that the resources that will be
saved will be used towards issues that benefit the ordinary citizens like the building of clinics and

And the people spoken to in Milenge have welcomed the removal of
subsidies by the government.

One of the participants in the meeting addressed by the minister Esau Mbewe said

the move by the government to remove subsidies is welcome .

Mr Mbewe however said that the resources saved should benefit
all the tax payers and not only a few people.

Mr Mbewe observed that in the past development has only been taken to
already developed districts to the exclusion of other districts like Milenge.