Good policies to improve economy

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Government says the combination of political will and good economic policies which the PF is pursuing will help improve the welfare of the country.

Deputy Minister of Community Development Mother and Child Health Dorothy Kazunga said this when she held a meeting to explain the removal of subsidies and the youth empowerment fund to youths in Kabushi constituency in Ndola yesterday.

Ms Kazunga, who is also Kabushi member of  parliament, explained that the removal of maize and fuel subsidies was for the benefit of the many unemployed youths as the government’s main focus was to reduce high levels of unemployment.

Ms Kazunga urged the youths not to listen to those opposing the removal of subsidies saying the benefits of the decision that the government has taken would soon yield positive results.

She said the decision that government made on removal of subsidies was in order to use the money in other sectors contrary to what some critics were saying.

“Government is aware of the suffering of people and if the resources do not permit, it is impossible to carter for the majority of poor Zambians, so this is why government decided to remove subsidies in order to benefit those suffering,” Ms Kazunga said.

Ms Kazunga noted that her constituency required a good road network, proper sanitation, and a modern market for the area to develop.

And explaining the rationale behind the youth empowerment fund, the area MP said the only help she could offer was to give guidelines on the process of accessing the funds from government.

She however said the constituency would buy different equipment using Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to help youths acquire some skills adding that the project would carter for all the youths despite their political affiliation.

Ms Kazunga cited among other development initiatives the Link Zambia 8000 road project and creation of new districts as part of government’s efforts to create jobs for the unemployed youths.

And representing the youths who attended the meeting, Aggripa Mwansa told the MP that youths were the ones who made it possible for the Patriotic Front (PF) to win the 2011 elections but pointed out that they have not benefited in terms of employment.

“As youths, we have no jobs and as a result our structures at constituency level have gone down because most of the youths have not seen the change that we fought for,” he said.