ZESCO sues ex-MD Sisala



ZESCO has taken its former managing director Rodney Sisala to court for loss of commercial benefit after he allegedly refused to hand over the company’s executive motor vehicle.
The power utility company has since asked the Lusaka High Court to order Mr Sisala to pay KR528, 497.06 being the book value of the Toyota Land Cruiser, registration number ABR 4513, which had been in his custody and use.
Zesco also wants the court to order Mr Siasala to pay damages and conversion of motor vehicle which had been under his custody since May 7, 2009.
The company stated in its statement of claim that Mr Sisala had refused or neglected to hand back the vehicle and had not bought it as was agreed in his employment contract.
Mr Sisala was under a contract of employment entered with the company effective April 11, 2008.
Zesco stated that the contract provided that a suitable executive vehicle be approved by the Board for his use.
Mr Sisala was availed the brand new Land Cruiser as his personal-to-holder motor vehicle.
The contract further stipulated that Mr Sisala was eligible to buy the vehicle at the end of his contract at the book value on or about May 7, 2009 when the defendant‘s contract of employment was terminated.
Zesco said upon leaving the company, Mr Sisala did not exercise the option to purchase the vehicle nor surrender it to the compan