Hamududu advises govt to stick to approved budget

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–UPND Bweengwa Member of Parliament (MP),
Highvie Hamududu, has urged government to stick to the 2013 approved
budget which was passed by Parliament.

Mr Hamududu accused government of spending money on projects that were
not budgeted for.

He alleged that there is rampant misapplication of resources by
government as evidenced by the slow progress of projects in Bweengwa

Mr Hamududu was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.

The Bweengwa MP named Hamusonde High School in his area whose works
have stalled because of lack of funding from government.

“I call upon government to stick to the approved budget. It is very
evident that there is rampant misapplication of public resources
because there is slow progress on some projects in my area.

“The project at Hamusonde High School in Monze has stalled because
money is diverted and cash is not forthcoming to intended projects,”
Mr Hamududu lamented.

The MP further claimed that money meant for Rural Road Unit (RRU) for
Bweengwa Constituency was not being released by government to repair
the feeder roads.

Mr Hamududu challenged government through the Ministry of Finance to
tell him and other MPs by releasing quarterly reports on the capital
projects government is implementing so that they speak with one voice.

“Government should tell us what it has done by giving us quarterly
reports at district, province, national and in parliament so that we
know how money is being spent and on which projects,” the Bweengwa MP