ZAWA officers accused of aiding poachers

Zambian Wildlife Authority
Anti-Poaching unit from ZAWA (Zambian Wildlife Authority)
Anti-Poaching unit from ZAWA (Zambian Wildlife Authority)
Anti-Poaching unit from ZAWA (Zambian Wildlife Authority

Chief Hamusonde of the Tonga people in Monze district  has appealed to the government to review the current mechanism of issuing hunting licenses in game management areas.

The chief says the current practice has greatly disadvantaged his subjects.

And chief Hamusonde has accused some Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) officers of involvement in illegal sell of animals to poachers in the Lonchinvar national park .

Speaking at his Bweengwa palace in Monze when southern province minister Daniel Munkombwe called on him today, Chief Hamusonde said the current allocation of hunting licences has not benefitted his subjects in any way.

He said his people in Bweenga who are supposed to benefit from the natural resource of the Lonchnivar national park are being sidelined.

Chief Hamusonde told Mr Munkombwe that it is for this reason that government should seriously look into the way local people can benefit from the wildlife which they are also looking after on behalf of government.

He warned that failure to do so may result in increased poaching activities.

 And Chief Hamusonde has alleged that some ZAWA officers are illegally selling wild animals to poachers.

 He told Mr Munkombwe that he information that some ZAWA officers are privately selling off wild animals to poachers.

In response, Mr Munkombwe assured the chief that government will look into his concerns.

Mr Munkombwe who has so far visited chiefs in Siavonga and Mazabuka said the Patriotic Front (PF) government is prepared to deliver development to all areas.