Katuba MP dispels rumours of animals diseases

Animal disease

Katuba Member of Parliament Patrick Chikusu has dispelled allegation of animal disease outbreak in Katuba constituency.


Dr Chikusu told ZANIS in a telephone interview today that just yesterday he was in his constituency and never received any report of animal disease break out.


He said the constituency has veterinary officers at each camp adding that if there was any out break his officers would have reported to him during the meeting held in the constituency yesterday.


He said though as at present the deep tanks are far apart, his constituency is currently working on rehabilitating the old deep tanks and further putting in place new ones.


Dr Chikusu said Katuba constituency has a large number of animal populations therefore calling for continued safety measures to prevent animals against diseases.


He further stated that prevention of animal disease cannot be won by letting government do all the job alone but that communities need to be involved and ensure that their animals are protected at all times.


He noted that animal diseases can be hard to control in communities where others do not want to vaccinate their animals thereby posing a danger to the ones that are vaccinated.


Dr Chikusu said it is against such background that government and all stakeholders mandated to carry out sensitization should scale up their efforts and ensure that communities are adequately sensitized.


He however expressed gratitude towards governments’ effort in supporting livestock farming in the country and particularly in Katuba constituency.


He said the constituency is currently putting in place all control measures to ensure that all animals in the area are protected