-ZESCO ‘lights’ Mwanawasa bridge

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ZESCO ‘lights’ Mwanawasa bridge

Chembe, June 5, 2013, ZANIS – The Mwanawasa Bridge in Chembe district of Luapula province has finally been lit by ZESCO at a cost of KR25,000.00

The development will enhance the security of the national facility which remained in darkness since it was commissioned.

Chembe district council secretary Elias Sikacheya dislosed to ZANIS in Mansa that the bridge has finally been lit to enhance security.

He said the responsibility of the bridge was still with the Road Development Agency-RDA.

He said he was happy that government acted promptly in ensuring that the required funds were released in good time to rehabilitate the vandalized cables and other electrical fittings for the bridge.

Mr Sikacheya said the items were vandalized because from the time the bridge was commissioned, the issue of security lights was not given the required attention.

He added that the ministry of home affairs has allocated three police officers to man the bridge following the rehabilitation works so that the facility was totally secure.

The Council Secretary said Chembe will become a hive of activity when the pedicle road is tarred because traffic will increase while the local economy will also be boosted because it will be a critical lifeblood connecting the Copperbelt and Luapula provinces.

He appealed to the people of Chembe to guard the installation from vandalism for them to continue enjoying the presence and economic utility of the national facility.

He said the presence of the bridge in Chembe will be a catalyst for national development because it will bring would be investors close to the district.