YALI challenges parties to establish youth centres

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The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has called on political parties in the country to establish youth resource centres for their respective secretariats.


YALI president, Andrew Ntewewe, says having resource centres will not only benefit the parties themselves but the whole country as a whole.


Mr Ntewewe told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka that with such structures in place youths and leaders will be able to understand their own parties’ policies and manifestoes.


Mr Ntewewe stressed that leadership clubs will also help parties to plan their activities and policies effectively.

“With resource structures in place, parties will be able to explain approaches to issues. They will not derail from their ideologies but will engage youths to carry out surveys on issues affecting our people so that when huge decisions are made they will be in line with what they believe in,” he said.


The YALI president added that the resource centres will also provide the political parties with think tanks who will govern and develop their policies for the benefit of the country.


Mr Ntewewe has since stated that Zambian young people need to be utilised for good purposes and reasons and not bad vices like violence and anarchy.


He further discouraged political parties from sponsoring youths to conduct violent acts, saying doing so was against the good tenets of democracy and good governance.