Offer constructive criticism, church urged

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–Christian Faith Mission Centre President Peter Chanda has called on the church in Zambia to consider giving constructive criticism to government.


Pastor Chanda who is also the founder of the Christian Faith Mission Centre in Lusaka said the church has the mandate to unify society and not to bring division among people.


Speaking at a fundraising dinner held in Lusaka yesterday under a theme ‘redefining and reviving the role of the church” Pastor Chanda said it is time the church redefined it purpose of existence in society.


Pastor Chanda said his church will not sit back when things go wrong in society but seek audience with government in order to find meaningful solutions to the problems.


He observed that unless the church work together with the government of the day, baseless criticism will not take the church anywhere.


He said unless the church stands up and redefines its purpose Zambia shall not continue claiming to be a Christian nation.


Pastor Chanda echoed some of President Sata’s common remarks “are we not ashamed that we still have street children, people suffering” and yet we still call ourselves Christians.


He said the church has a mandate to bring lost souls to Christ, reaching out to the lost and giving hope to the hopeless in society.


Pastor Chanda however asked government to consider looking at the mortgage reforms for lending institutions to enable the church have access to funds in order to expand their outreach projects.


He said in the past most churches have failed to fulfil their projects of reaching out such as street children reformation programs because of lack of capacity and empowerment from government.


Meanwhile speaking on behalf of Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba in his personal capacity, Bishop Eddy Chomba said the church has a duty to support the government of the day in achieving its polices and enhance good governance.


Bishop Chomba commended the Christian Faith Mission Centre for standing up strong in helping the church redefine and reshape its cause.


He said government recognizes the church as a focal point where people of all walks of life come together as one body in Christ.


He further encouraged the church to be an oasis of hope for the nation and its leaders.


Bishop Chomba furthermore pledged 20 million Kwacha to the Christian Faith Mission Centre on behalf of Mr Mwamba.