Rotary club of Kitwe donates 20 wheelchairs

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Rotary club of Kitwe donates 20 wheelchairs

Mpongwe, May 27, 2013, ZANIS – THE Rotary club of Kitwe has donated 20 wheelchairs to people with disabilities in Chieftainess Lesa’s area of the Lamba people in Mpongwe at a cost of KR3000.

Kitwe Rotary club President MICHEAL KAUZU said the club was honoured to help the needy through the donation of wheelchairs in Mpongwe.

And Chieftainess Lesa said she was grateful the help rendered to the people of Mpongwe by the Rotarians saying Africans had been receiving help from Western countries even when they have not been helping the Westerners.

Chieftainess Lesa also appealed to the Rotarians to sink boreholes in her chiefdom as most of the streams had dried up due to inadequate rainfall in the last season.

Mpongwe Member of Parliament GABRIEL NAMULAMBE said the people of his constituency were grateful for the donation as it will help the disabled to become self reliant.

Mr NAMULAMBE said the people of Mpongwe were happy for the gesture shown to them by Rotary club of Kitwe even though there are no Rotarians in Mpongwe the club did not restrict itself to towns where it has members.

“I am also urging the recipients of wheelchairs not to become lazy but to ensure that you do more in your communities than you did before as disability is not inability,” He said.

Mr NAMULAMBE however withdrew Mpongwe district social welfare officer KASAPO BWALYA from the committee of water affairs for shunning the donation ceremony.

Mr NAMULAMBE who is also Foreign Affairs deputy Minister said civil servants should ensure that they performed their duties diligently before putting unlike what was prevailing were they put other people’s work first.

“It is not fair for the Mpongwe district social welfare to shun an event under his department for the sake of allowances when there are a lot of council workers at the water affairs,” Mr NAMULAMBE said.

He wondered why Mpongwe district social welfare had to go and attend the water affairs committee meeting when there are enough workers at water affairs.

Mr NAMULAMBE said even though it is government’s duty to provide for the needy in society government resources were minimal such that it did not manage to do everything on its own which is appreciated what various organizations were doing in supplementing its efforts.