Shangombo to get a share of housing units

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—– Home Affairs Deputy Minister Winfridah Kansembe says Shangombo district will benefit from the 12 thousand housing units to be constructed nationwide.

Ms Kansembe disclosed this during a meeting with civil servants in Shangombo district where she said the district will receive its share of housing units from the 12 thousand houses to be constructed by government this year.

She however said that the contractor has not yet been picked to commerce the construction of the housing units which are scheduled to be started this year.

Ms Kansembe was nevertheless optimistic that once the tendering is finalized Shangombo district will get its share of the housing units.

The deputy minister noted that the ministry was fully aware of the housing situation for police offices in the district.

Meanwhile Ms Kansembe assured civil servants that police presence will soon be beefed up in the district.

Ms Kansembe explained that more police officers will be sent to Shangombo when the current crop of officers graduates.  

She reiterated that her ministry has in mind the needs of Shangombo district and will continue planning for the district.

And on vehicle allocation, the deputy minister revealed that a vehicle will be allocated to Shangombo district once the ministry procures vehicles.

She said there is need for the department of immigration to mobile as the border areas are too porous making it difficult to mind.


  1. Whilst travelling in the Western Province this summer I learnt that the entire education department for Shangombo was displaced from Senagna to Shangombo.

    Good you might think, that is where they should be.

    But what if there is no housing for the officers and no housing for

    offices. You might people into tent tempoarily although it will depress them quickly but how does an office function be effective and improve sad educational standards without an office infrastructure or electricty for even basic computers.

    The lack of housing or permanent structures of any kind prevents

    the proper functioning of any civil servce division. Everyone knows this, many acknowledge it and it is heartening that government is acting to imrove it. Let's hope the right people and Services receive this housing.


    Zambezi Environmental Education Centre Europe