Public workers urged to carry, explain message of subsidy removal

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Public workers urged to carry, explain message of subsidy removal


Luwingu, May 23, ZANIS ——- Community Development, Mother and Child Health Deputy Minister Dorothy Kazunga has instructed civil servants in the Northern province to explain government position to the community regarding the removal of subsidy from fuel and maize.


Mrs Kazunga said that it is the duty of civil servants to take up the position and explain to the people why government has removed fuel and maize subsidies.


She said the removal of these subsidies are not aimed at punishing the people of Zambia but to improve the wellbeing of the poor people living in the outskirts such Luwingu, Mporokoso and several other districts in the country.


Mrs Kazunga explained that fuel subsidy has only benefited a few individuals with vehicles and mining companies while the majority have remained poor.


She said because of this, government was failing to address some concerns such as roads construction and construction of health facilities and purchasing of medical drugs because the huge chunks of money was being paid to subsidize fuel and mealie meal.


She said that most of the rural dwellers do not benefit from the mealie meal and the fuel because they produce enough maize for their consumption.


Mrs Kazunga said this when she paid a courtesy call on Luwingu District Commissioner Mambwe katontoka yesterday.


The Community Development and child Health deputy Minister said civil servants should take up the challenge and explain to the community the good things that would come after the government removed the subsidies instead of listening to some disgruntled politicians who are against the idea.


“I think in this area civil servants will take the leading role and explain to the community why government has removed fuel subsidy because we as government would like to accomplish the link Zambia 8000km project which Luwingu will also benefit,” she said.


And Luwingu District Commissioner Mambwe Katontoka assured the deputy minister that the community in the district would be sensitize on the issue of subsidies and other government programmes.


Mrs Katontoka said most of the people in the district have welcomed the removal of fuel subsidy which government would like to channel the funds to construct roads, hospitals and universities in the country.


She said the removal of these subsidies will benefits the residents of Luwingu whose roads linking other districts will be constructed to the bituminous standard.


She said government has planned to link Luwingu to Samfya, Luwingu to Chilubi, Luwingu to Kaputa, Luwingu to Kawambwa and Luwingu to Mansa in the link Zambia 8000km project.


Mrs Katontoka further said government will soon start constructing a general hospital and another secondary school  in Lupososhi constituency of Luwingu district.


She also said that the community in Luwingu district is happy with the school feeding programme which school going children are benefiting adding that the enrolment has also increased as children are encouraged because of the food schools are providing.


Mrs Katontoka however said social cash transfer and fertilizer support programme are among the programmes the community are asking government to increase their allocation as they are benefitting them.


The deputy minister was taken to Mumba village in Senior chieftainess Chungu to meet some women’s clubs which benefited from the grants provided by her ministry.


And, ddressing a huge crowd, Mrs Kazunga said government is in a hurry to meet its campaign promises hence removing the subsidies in order to raise enough money for the roads construction.


She said President Sata wants to leave a mark after retiring from active politics by ensuring that the country has enough universities, secondary schools, good road network and several other developments taking place.