President Sata praised

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President Sata praised


Kabompo, May 23, ZANIS ——President Michael Sata has been praised for the bold decision that his government has taken to start implementing the national decentralization policy which aims to empower local communities.


District Commissioners, heads of government departments and council principal officers drawn from Chavuma, Zambezi, Mufumbwe and Kabompo districts extolled the head of state during a one day induction meeting on the national decentralization policy held in Kabompo.


The officers commended President Sata and government for taking a bold decision to empower communities through devolving the decision making power and functions from the central government to the lower level that aim to improving the efficiency and effectiveness in services delivery.


Ministry of Local Government and Housing Secretariat Assistant Director for Information Coren Mvula said she was happy with the enthusiasm the district government officials have shown in embracing the national decentralization policy.


And Mufumbwe district Council Secretary Alisinda Nawa said President Sata and his able government must be commended for embarking on the transfer of certain powers, functions and resources which are backed with constitutional provisions to the lower levels.


Mr Nawa said though the past regime had tried to implement the decentralization policy it failed because it lacked the political will to do so.


Mr Nawa noted that once the decentralization policy is operational citizens will benefit fully from the national cake and also win the fight against poverty, ignorance and hunger.