Mutima Walowa Uwamakumbi Churc banned


CHIEF Registrar of Societies Kakoma Kanganja has with immediate effect shut down the Sweetheart of Nimbi Church, which was reported to have been encouraging its flock to have sex with each other based on dreams.
Mr Kanganja, who summoned the church leadership to his office on Monday, said the church has been operating illegally as it was de-registered on March 9, 1999 for submitting false information upon which it was registered.
After an expose by the Sunday Mail on the activities of the church, Mr Kanganja commissioned an inquiry to ascertain the revelations.
He said according to records held by the Registrar of Societies, the church submitted its application for registration on June 26, 1992 with a Mr Gerald Mubanga, who was administrative officer at University of Zambia (UNZA), as its chairman.
A certificate of registration was issued on March 2, 1994 for Lusaka district.
And on October 14, 1998, the church applied for an exemption certificate through the permanent secretary’s office, pretending that they had 30 branches spread throughout the country.
Based on this information, an exemption certificate was issued on November 17, 1998.
But on March 9, 1999 after a thorough check on the church, it was discovered that the decision to issue an exemption certificate was based on false information.
Mr Kanganja said the church was under investigation as it was alleged to be involved in vices, including encouraging prostitution and nudity.
Therefore, a request from the department to rescind the exemption was sought and it was granted on March 29, 1999.
“However, the decision to rescind the exemption could not be served on the church because the elders were not co-operative and refused to accept it,” he said.
Mr Kanganja said on March 19, 1999, the Ministry of Home Affairs granted authority to de-register the church but despite the order, the office let the matter ‘die a natural death’, hence the church being in operation illegally to date.
And Mr Kanganja said when he met with the current church leaders of the Sweetheart of Nimbi, none of them were office-bearers at the time the church was de-registered, adding that they were managing an unlawful society.
He said section 24 (1) cap 119 of the Societies Act states that: “Any office- bearer and any person managing or assisting in the management of any unlawful society and any person who is or who purports to be charged with the performance of any function in respect of such society, which is distinct from the functions of an ordinary member, shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to a fine not exceeding fifteen thousand (KR15) penalty units or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding seven years, or to both.”
“I have, therefore, ordered that the church stands de-registered as per earlier order and those who fail to obey the ban will be arrested,” he said.
Mr Kanganja has warned persons operating churches illegally to desist from the act or face the ‘wrath of the law’.
He said although Zambians enjoy various freedoms, nobody should take advantage of that.
Meanwhile, Mr Kanganja said Government has offered amnesty to all open societies.
He said open societies will from April 30 to July 30, 2013 be required to pay KR100 for each year they have defaulted instead of KR5,400.
Mr Kanganja said leaders of open societies must make payments and comply with the law.