Prophet acused of raping housewife

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“f”>Times of Zambia by andrew Miti on 5/21/13


A KABWE housewife has narrated  in a magistrate’s  court how a prophet allegedly raped her, while he was conducting healing prayers for her.

The woman narrated before Kabwe resident magistrate Jennifer Bwalya that on March 14, this year, she travelled to Kasavasa area to see the prophet who was in the company of another person for prayers.

This is in a case in which the prophet, Anthony Musoka is facing one count of rape.

She told the court that two prophets went to Kasavasa area where they camped for a week and that it was during that time when her friend informed her about the personal prayers.

The woman told the court that she wanted personal prayers because she was experiencing prolonged menses.
 She said when she arrived in Kasavasa, she found a lot of people who were waiting to be attended to.

When her turn came, she met Musoka who was with another prophet identified as Stanley Chikwepele. 

She said Musoka told  her that  for her  problem to end,  she  needed  to bring with her clothes, a chicken, body lotion, KR10, and a 2.5 litre empty container.

Musoka also asked her to cut off the middle toe of the chicken and put the dripping blood in a container.

She told the court that the prophet told her to mix chicken blood and water and get to a maize field where the purported prayers were to be conducted.
When they got to the field, he made her to kneel, while holding a chicken.

She said the prophet later poured the blooded water on her and started praying for her.

To her surprise, Musoka pinned the woman to the ground and raped her.
She said she told her husband of the ordeal and the matter was reported to the police.

Another witness Felistus Ngamba testified that she recalled two prophets going to their area to conduct prayers and was shocked to learn that one of them had raped the woman.

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