Other men who could ‘perform’ better – husband narrates in court


A LUSAKA man has sought divorce from his wife who has repeatedly bragged to him that there were other men who could ‘perform’ better than him.

Mwila Chilakata who says he feels intimidated and embarrassed by the remarks of his wife Consolota Miselo Chilakata, a secretary at the Ministry of Education in Lusaka, wants the High Court to grant him divorce.

Mr Chilakata has charged that their marriage had broken down irretrievably and he could not be expected to continue living as husband and wife with Consolota.

He stated in his divorce petition that his wife had through out their marriage displayed a short temper and provocative attitude towards him and had physically and emotionally abused him to the extent of inflicting bodily harm.

Mr Chilakata now unemployed stated that his wife has incessantly bragged to him about her beauty and threatened to leave him for a rich man.

He explained that he was married to Consolota at plot number 7609 Nyatwa Road in Woodlands but he now lived at plot number 6057, Sibweni Road in Northmead.

Mr Chilakata said his wife constantly told him that there were men who could ‘perform’ better than him.

His wife, he said, had threatened to tear his professional academic certificates and bewitch him.

He said he wanted the court to grant him divorce and save him from continued suffering, severe mental anguish and emotional suffering that he had endured.