32nd Bob Marley anniversary huge success

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via Times of Zambia by andrew Miti 

RED, green and gold, were the colours that swamped Mount Zion; the venue for the 32nd anniversary celebrations of the late legendary reggae king, Robert Nester Marley.

Deafening sounds of reggae music came alive as hundreds of dreadlocked Rastas enjoyed the fun-packed annual event.

Shakarongo Music and Entertainment in conjunction with Mount Zion kept their promise as they were on the hub of this special annual memorial concert they themed “Jah Night.”

The show started as early as 19: 00 but it reached its climax at an hour when most concerts would be contemplating to end – 01:00 hours.

At midnight the security at the gate had a huge task and tough time trying to control the huge influx of people who were now coming to start their Jah Night. It was pick hour it seemed.

Ras Brian Shakarongo, who is also director of Shakarongo Music and Entertainment says:

” I left the show venue around 11:30 the following day, we successfully celebrated the life of one great individual, who helped to promote knowledge, enjoyment and respect for mankind regardless of race, creed, religion and status in society.”

Bob Marley’s tireless advocacy of love, equal rights and unity seems to have sunk in these rastas’ hearts so well that it was evident from their sharing of herbs pulls.

One thing was for sure though; the life of the man, who used music and lyrical power as a tool to open doors between different people and cultures, was successfully hosted especially on the part of the live music.

Now last week Shakarongo was asked if this would be a platform for most Rastas to take a pull of their traditional herb marijuana, which is believed by many to have been one of Bob Marley’s favorite, and he answered:

“We are celebrating the life and achievements of Bob Marley, promoting music and nothing else. We are very mindful that this concert is attended by people from all walks of life; some drink and smoke while others don’t, so we are not promoting the smoking of marijuana at this honorable function,”

Although Shakarongo made it clear that the usage of marijuana was not part of the show’s agenda, a thick white cloud of smoke could be seen hovering above the Rastafarian clan and they seemed to really love and enjoy it!

What was the strength of this white smoke that was emanating from the hundreds Rastas’ mouths that converged at Mount Zion? Facing facts, the Rastafarian traditional herb was certainly on demand.

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