Zambian fishermen captured in Congo

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Eighteen (18) fishermen of Nsama District in Northern Province have been arrested for alleged illegal fishing on the Congolese side of Lake Tanganyika.

And authorities in Congo are demanding a total KR 135, 000 for release of the fishermen.

Nsama District Commissioner, Panji Chilingala, confirmed the development to ZANIS in Nsama today.

Mr Chilingala said the incident happened on May 12, this year, when the fishermen went fishing on Lake Tanganyika.

He said the men unknowingly crossed into Congo water where they were captured and detained by the Congolese marine soldiers.

The District Commissioner revealed that two out of the 18 have since escaped from custody and have returned to Zambia.

And families of the suspects have appealed to Government to urgently intervene in the matter.

They said they have failed to raise money needed to bail out their captured family members from Congo custody as the amount is too high.

Meanwhile, some fishermen in Nsama District have called on Government to clearly mark the boundaries along the border with Congo to avoid people straying into foreign land.

The fishermen said it is difficult for them to identify the border lines without proper markings.