MMD suffers defections as another MP, 34 members joins PF

MMD cadres sing outside DEC

34 MMD members in Mkushi district have defected to the ruling PF.

This includes Mkushi North Member of Parliament, Mutale Musonda, MMD District Chairperson Webby Kamwendo and Nkumbi Ward Councellor Amos Mbambikwa.

Speaking shortly after his defection today, Mr Musonda said he has decided to defect to the ruling PF because MMD is a dead party.

Mr Musonda said no matter how good a person is it is impossible to score in a losing team.

He said he wants to work with the PF government because it has shown commitment in as far as the development of this country is concerned.

And welcoming the defectors, Central Province Minister, Philip Kosamu said the continuous defections by members of the opposition are not being engineered by the PF government.

Mr Kosamu said the defections are as a result of poor leadership by the opposition leaders and good leadership in the party in government.

He said people should not be deceived by malicious people like Father Frank Bwalya whose main aim is to frustrate the efforts of government by spreading lies to Zambians.

He said the PF government has only been in power for 20 months and, already, has scored a lot of successes in as far as development is concerned.

Mr Kosamu cited improvements in the Fertilizer Support Programme (FSP) and that more efforts are being made to ensure that every farmer gets his package before the farming season.

And the Deputy Minister of Health, Christopher Mulenga, has distanced the ruling PF from inciting defections saying PF has nothing to do with the on-going defections in the country.

Mr Mulenga said government is aware that people, including the opposition are complaining over the continued defections by the opposition MPs but that there is nothing it can do to curb this.

He said this is because Zambia is a democratic state and as such, the PF government although in power cannot hinder people from joining political parties of their choice.

He said the tenets of democracy are very clear as everyone is at liberty to belong to any political party that makes sense to them.

Mr Musonda also wondered why it is always an issue for people when a defection is in the favour of the ruling PF.

He said it is high time people appreciated the good policies of PF rather than implicating them in the defections.

He further advised other MPs who are still in the opposition to consider joining the PF in order to ensure development in the country.

Mr Musonda said the opposition has nothing much to offer the Zambians because most of the opposition leaders have worked in previous governments before but still failed to deliver development to Zambians.

About 300 PF members including Kapiri-Mposhi MP, Eddie Musonda, Bwacha MP, Sydney Mushanga and Kabwe Central MP, James Kapyanga witnessed the defections.


  1. These defections shall continue for as long as MMD keeps it head in the sand like an ostrich. It is very sad for democracy, biut to be expected judiging bythe low calibre of people in MMD NEC now. I believe the inner circle of Nevers Mumba's ultimate strategy is to have MMD swallowed by UPND. Those that are aware about this strategy have already started shifting. RB has consistently shown preference for HH since he left MMD, and he still plays an important role in the decision making process as he is the one who went away with MMD money when he left his position as Party President. Nevers Mumba has no clue how to run a party, nor any money to do so. These MP and cadre defections are also a cry for the leadership vacuum and intolerance of divergent views. MMD will soon disintegrate, perhaps faster than UNIP did. If you wish to quote me, use my pseudonym "The Political Analyst". Thanks.