Kalabo water transport fares hiked

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Kalabo water transport fares hiked

Kalabo, May 6, ZANIS ——— Marine passenger operators on the Mongu and Kalabo water ways Kalabo have increased their passenger fares by KR 10.

The marine passenger fares increase is with effect from last week.

Passengers travelling from Mongu to Kalabo that used to pay KR 110 are now paying KR 120, while those that used to pay KR 100 travelling from Kalabo to Mongu are now paying KR 110.

In an interview with ZANIS in Kalabo today, Craig Eastcroft owner of the Barotse Express speed boats operating between Mongu and Kalabo said that the increase in passenger boat fares was due to the recent increase in fuel prices.

Mr Eastcroft said that he personally had no intentions of increasing the marine passenger fares and had held on to the old marine passenger fares for about a year but was prompted to immediately increase the fares due to the high increase in the prices of fuel.

Mr Eastcroft said that if the increase in the prices of fuel were by just about 2 to 5% he was going to hold on to the old marine passenger fares to maybe till July this year but since the fuel prices increased tremendously and by about 12% this compelled him and others to also increase the passenger fares.

And marine passenger commuters having slow moving Long Boats operating between Mongu and Kalabo whose passenger fares were at KR 90 and also negotiable have at the moment not yet adjusted their fares, said Njambi Kwali a ticket salesman for Joe Liwakala transport. 

Meanwhile, a number of Kalabo residents have complained about the increase in passenger fares for Speed boats though others without surprise comprehending that it was due to the recent increase in fuel prices hence for commuters to follow suit.

Recently, government announced the removal of subsidies on fuel that resulted into the increase of fuel prices in the country

Kalabo residents are forced to pay high transport fares almost equivalent Lusaka to Mongu which is a distance of about 500 km yet the distance from Kalabo to Mongu is just about 80 km.


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