Chirwa sighted in Livingstone

Prof Chirwa

Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) suspended chief executive officer Clive Chirwa has now been spotted in the resort town of Livingstone.
Sources have seen the Professor at two separate locations in Livingstone near the border with Zimbabwe. He is facing a probe for alleged corruption.
“He was also first spotted in Choma as he perhaps headed for Livingstone,” the sources said,.
“In Livingstone he was seen near the border and near the area where bungee jumping is done from… perhaps just sight-seeing or enjoying the water.”
Sources say Professor Chirwa has some personal business he urgently needs to fulfill.
On Tuesday he tried to leave Zambia without informing authorities, according to Home Affairs Ministry head of public relations, Moses Suwali.
Mr Suwali said Prof Chirwa needed to “stick around” just in case the ACC wants to interview him over the assets he was overseeing as CEO of ZRL.
He added that Prof Chirwa did not get clearance from the ACC or permission from the appointing authority and could not be allowed to leave.
“In normal circumstances,” Mr Suwali’s statement said, “he is supposed to get permission from the appointing authority who he knows very well because he is on suspension and investigations are going on.”
Prof Chirwa is expected to return to Kabwe until investigations are completed.