Absconding teachers warned

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Education authorities in Choma has warned of serious action against head teachers who will be found involving themselves in illegal activities.

 District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) Mutinta Mubanga says the ministry is aware that some heads of learning institutions have engaged themselves in personal errands at the expense government work.

Addressing head teachers at a two days training workshop at Adastra Basic School today, Ms Mubanga said she is aware that some head teachers were in a habit of absconding from work in pursuit of personal businesses in town.

Ms Mubanga said education operates under an expectant theory that needs to be achieved through dedication and commitment towards work.

The Choma DEBS pointed out that there is need for head teachers to prioritise their work if the district is to record good passing rates as well as improve on the quality of education.

And opening the two days training workshop for head teachers, Choma District Commissioner Golden Nyambe urged the school managers to ensure that they read through the PF party manifesto so as to familiarize themselves with  government‘s programmes.

Mr Nyambe  said it is evidently clear that teachers have not yet taken time to understand  PF government ‘s working culture outlined in the manifesto as seen from their behavior of loitering around town when they are supposed to be administering school programs.

He added that government attaches great importance to the education sector hence the need for people in charge of schools to scale up efforts being put in place so as to improve education standard in the district.

He said government’s approval of increment of teachers’ salaries is a clear testimony of its commitment towards improving the standards of education in the country hence the need for them to change their working culture.

“Iam urging you to follow the PF manifesto,” he said.