Only deserving workers to be awarded – Mate

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Only deserving workers to be awarded – Mate

Kalabo, May 3, ZANIS  ———- Kalabo District Commissioner Irene Mate says the issue that the awarding of deserving workers on Labour Day commemorations should be rotated among workers to benefit all was out.

Mrs Mate said that only deserving workers for a particular year needed to be awarded on the commemorations of the event other than making the awarding rotate unnecessarily amongst workers.

The District Commissioner said this in Kalabo this Wednesday when she officiated at this year’s Labour Day. 

Mrs Mate also said that issues such as if an employee was awarded last year then this year it should be another person to benefit was completely out because Labour Day awards were only meant for deserving workers in the categories they have been identified to qualify in.

The District Commissioner said there was nothing wrong to award a worker even for three consecutive years as long as he or she was recognised to be the rightful officer deserving appreciation during that period of time.

Mrs Mate said only deserving workers will be receiving Labour Day awards in the categories they qualify at a time unlike the rotation system which she noted encouraged laziness, lack of dedication to duty among other vices that are detrimental to improved service delivery to the public. 

She reiterated sentiments that non-deserving workers should never at all be awarded on Labour Day commemorations.

The District Commissioner also appealed to the employers to pay their workers fair wages and desist from abuse of the Labour Laws.

The Labour Day commemorations in Kalabo ended up with the playing of two football matches involving female uniformed officers playing the non-uniformed staff while in the other match involved the males Subordinates playing against their Heads of Sections.

Both football matches ended in two all (2-2) draws.

In a football match that was played by the females, the District Commissioner observed that young ladies were unable to even run and hence called for the need to introduce football for females in the district to promote sport for a health nation.