Politicians and public service workers called to co-exist

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Politicians and public service workers called to co-exist

Chinsali, May2, , ZANIS ——- Deputy Minister of Health Christopher Mulenga says politicians and public service workers must co-exist in order for meaningful development to take place.

Mr Mulenga said government is concerned about counter accusations between the two camps saying it is aware of some politicians who have continued to frustrate public service workers  in the name of providing an over sight in public service delivery.

He said PF members must realise that they are in power and are governing the country hence the need to appreciate the fact that public service workers are the engine of governments ‘development
agenda for they implement the policies made.

Speaking when he addressed a stakeholders meeting in Chinsali district on Tuesday, the Deputy Minister said the party in power is aware of a few public service workers who have failed to admit to the fact that the MMD government is gone and will never return to power.

He said government through the PF manifesto is in a hurry to ensure that all campaign promises  made are fulfilled adding that it is through the same public service workers that this agenda is fulfilled when the grass roots  starts appreciating the services government is offering via its established structures.

The Deputy Minister who is also Chinsali Central Area Member of Parliament however, cautioned public service workers not to be complacent in their work saying doing so will compromise the pace of development.

He said the developments taking place in Muchinga Province is as a result of President Micheal Sata s’ leadership which has been consistent  from the time the party was in opposition of transforming
the nation where citizens  benefit from electing leaders that appreciate the status of the majority poor people.

Mr Mulenga regretted that the party is silent in the province when employers and contractors are bringing in people from outside the province to come and take up a few jobs which are being created through the coming in of the new province which has offered opportunities to the local people.

He said the party must be alert to ensure that the locals in the province benefit from the current developments that are going on.