Council advised to address street vending fairly

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Council advised to address street vending fairly

Chinsali, May2, ZANIS ——–Deputy Minister of Health Christopher Mulenga says the local authorities in Muchinga Province should find better means of removing street vendors unlike unleashing punitive action on them.

Speaking when he addressed a stake holders ‘meeting in Chinsali ,Mr Mulenga said government does not support street vending but that it must engage those in the business to appreciate trading in legalized and designated areas which have sanitary facilities.

He said Government is of the view that creating leadership amongst those that are engaged in street vending will provide an opportunity for them to appreciate the dangers of illegal way of trading since it has provided infrastructure in markets which have been left vacant by the same vendors.

The Deputy Minister explained that it is government s’ position to recognize the trading Act as provided for by the laws of the land saying dialogue must always come in first owing to the economic status of the rural districts due to the poverty levels among the communities.

Mr Mulenga said he has held meetings with the councils in the province to find an amicable way of resolving the illegal way people conduct business in undesignated areas which have no public
conveniences where health standards are put at risk.

He said the PF government appreciates the poverty levels which the previous administration left  and will not be in a haste to hustle people trying to make a livelihood but will give chance for people themselves to realise the dangers when health standards are compromised.

Among the stakeholders that attended the consultative meeting included village headmen, heads of government departments, the church, the business community and PF party functionaries.