Kapeya happy with ongoing works on township roads in Mpika

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Mpika Central Member of Parliament Mwansa Kapeya is impressed with the progress made in the ongoing KR49.5 million township roads rehabilitation project in Mpika district.

Mr. Kapeya, who inspected the project yesterday, expressed satisfaction with both the pace and quality of work being done by Shaftex contractors which has since done the clearing and opening up of all township and access roads.

He urged the contractor to do high standard work so as to create government confidence for consideration in future road projects.

Mr. Kapeya, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister, said both government and the people of Mpika were keen to seeing a good road infrastructure in the district.

He however expressed disappointment with the reports that some local people were vandalizing and stealing materials being used in the road construction.

The MP has since urged the contractor to report all theft and vandalism cases to relevant authorities while appealing to Mpika residents to safeguard the materials meant for the benefit of the district and the country as a whole.

He further instructed Shaftex contractor to prioritize employing local people in the construction and rehabilitation of roads in the district as government encourages equitable distribution of wealth by creating jobs for people.

And Shaftex Contractors Project Manager Deon Krisen assured Mr. Kapeya that the road rehabilitation works would be completed within the stipulated time.

Mr. Krisen said the company has so far covered 17 percent of the 25.1 kilometre project.

He said his company will adhere to government standards and policies and that he has so far employed 86 local workers.

He added that Shaftex will employ up to 106 workers including casuals and sub contractors by the end of the project.

Mr. Krisen also disclosed that the first phase, which includes about eight township roads and drainages, will be completed by the end of next month.

The 25.1 kilometre Mpika township roads rehabilitation project, which is scheduled to be completed in December this year, includes 33 streets and two modern bus stations and a parking lot for heavy duty trucks passing through the district.