Civic leader urges OVP to declare Namwala crop failure a disaster

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—–Namwala Council Chairman, Macloud Moomba, has appealed to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) in the Office of the Vice President to declare the poor crop yield in Namwala district as a disaster.

Mr Moomba said that most areas of Namwala have low yields posing a danger of severe hunger in the district.

The Namwala Council Chairman was speaking at a full council meeting held over the weekend at Namwala council chambers.

But Namwala District Administrative officer, Godwin Sanjase, said a team from the Office of the Vice President DMM Unit will soon come to Namwala District to assess the looming hunger situation in the district.

Mr Sanjase was responding to a question from the Namwala Council chairman on what measures the district was taking to fight the looming hunger situation in the district.

Meanwhile Namwala Council Secretary, Packson Banda, said that the Council has bought equipment to set up a community radio station.

Mr Banda said that the radio station is going to be at Kabulamwanda area which is centrally located so that everyone in the district has easy access.

He said funds from the Constituency Development Fund were used to procure the equipment and that the radio station will be run by a board selected from the Namwala Community.