Siavonga herbalist, 71, rapes school girl

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——-A 71 year old man of Siavonga district has been arrested for defiling a 13-year-old school girl.

John Kafunga, a witchdoctor of Manchamvu village in chief Sinadambwe’s area, was arrested by police at his home over the weekend.

Local police source told ZANIS in an interview in Siavonga this morning that Kafunga is alleged to have defiled the named girl on Friday night when she had gone to find out the cause of her bad dreams.

The source further said the traditional healer told the girl to undress so that he could smear traditional medicine believed to cleanse bad dreams on her body including her private parts.

The source added that the girl followed the instructions and the traditional healer started rubbing medicine on her whole body with the purpose of aroused her sexual feelings.

The source said the traditional healer then took advantage of the situation and in the process he defiled the girl who is in grade four at Manchamvu Primary School.

The girl went back home and kept quiet about what had happened but the mother noticed that her daughter was failing to walk properly.

The mother then asked her why she was walking in a funny after which   she narrated the whole ordeal to the mother who then reported the matter to the neighbourhood watch who later notified the police.

Meanwhile, the police source has confirmed the arrest of Kafunga who is in police custody and will appear in court soon.