Mackenzie salutes David Livingstone

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——-A visiting British Professor of history, John Mackenzie, has praised the role David Livingstone played in championing nationalism and fight against slavery.

Prof Mackenzie said David Livingstone was a patron saint who fought bad vices like slavery that de-humanised other people especially the Africans.

Prof Mackenzie was speaking yesterday at the civic centre during a talk hosted by the Livingstone museum.

He said David Livingstone had a lot of respect for Africans, adding that he was against the use of guns.

He said the Scottish explorer is amongst the most celebrated people in history and whose works have been remembered.

Prof Mackenzie paid tribute to the porters and other people that guided David Livingstone during his travels.

He said Livingstone did not die a wealthy man as most the money that he earned was spent on his travels.

Prof Mackenzie said Livingstone is also a pioneer of the tourism and that he was more of
Zambian the European after spending so many years in the country.