ZAWA kills stray elephant in Chibombo

Elephants Crossing river
Elephants Crossing river
Elephants Crossing river

A combined team of Zambia Wildlife Authority [ZAWA] and Zambia Police officers have gunned down the stray elephant that was spotted in Mwamuyamba Village of Chief Liteta’s area in Chibombo District of Central Province.

The jumbo, that is one of the eight that are said to have come from Kafue National Park, was gunned down at around 18:30 hours yesterday.

And a ZANIS crew that rushed to the scene this morning, found scores of people from near-by villages in the area taking a glimpse at the gigantic animal that lay still on the ground in the nearby bush.

Chibombo District Commissioner, Felix Mang’wato, told ZANIS that, “the report came in on Saturday that a parade of eight elephants were spotted in the unprotected area in Chief Liteta, where we rushed to, but unfortunately, word reached us when we got there that one of the jumbos was seen in Mwamuyamba Village.

“Chief Chitanda phoned that a parade of eight elephants were on Saturday, seen crossing Mushingashi stream in his area. And, later this one was spotted here in this village. I believe there should still be others out there.” said the District Commissioner.

Meanwhile, ZAWA representative at the scene, Chongo Puta, who described the incident as agitating, reaffirmed that this was not the first incident in the area.

“As ZAWA, we have been coming in this area to control and ensure that we drive back the animals into their designated areas in order for them not to destroy anything out here,” he said.

The jumbo’s carcase was shared among the locals while its tusks were given back to government through the ZAWA officials at the scene.