Seyuba welcomes water meters

water shortage

North western Province Permanent Secretary Augustine Seyuba says the installation of the pre-paid meters under way in government departments in the province will reduce high utility bills.

Mr Seyuba said government departments in the province have been spending huge sums of money to settle bills incurred on utility services such as communication, water and electricity which they owed to service providers.

He was speaking in Solwezi today in an interview with ZANIS.

Mr Seyuba said the installation of pre-paid meters in government departments in the province is a good initiative as it is the only way to manage the cost of incurring huge utility bills by government departments.

And department of Gender and Child Development Officer Chipoka Simukanga has welcomed the move saying it will instil a sense of discipline in the use of resources in government departments.

Mr Simukanga said the pre-paid meters will also save departments the cost of accumulating huge utility costs on communication, water and electricity bills.