Mysterious coffin found in a Kasama residential area

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—Scores of Location residents in Kasama District in Northern Province woke up this morning to a rude shock when they found a coffin at one of the houses in the area.


Owner of the house, Christine Mbulo, 61, of B137 Location Township, told the ZANIS crew that rushed to the scene that the family was shocked to find the coffin at their premises.


Mrs Mbulo narrated that when she woke up around 04:00hours she was told by a passer by that a coffin covered with black material was placed in her yard.


She further narrated that this bizarre situation has left her shocked as it has not happened in the area.


And some residents talked to expressed concern over the rampant cases of people practicing witchcraft in the area.


Esther Nachisambwe observed that the district needs God’s intervention through strong prayers in order to fight the powers of darkness.


Scores of residents flocked to the house as early as 05:00 hours to catch a glimpse of the coffin.


Cases of Satanism and black magic in Kasama have in recent past become common in the district.


The matter has since been reported to police.