Livingstone council seize mineral water worth KR18,000

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—The Livingstone city council has seized mineral water worth about KR18,000 from a named Livingstone shop in the central business district.

Livingstone council Public Pelations Manager Emmanuel Sikanyika confirmed the seizure of the 400 cases of mineral water to ZANIS.

Mr Sikanyika said that the mineral water was seized as it did not have the right labels of the date of manufacturing and the expiring date.

He said the law breakers would face the full wrath of the law as the council officers are on the ground.

Mr Sikanyika said the council will not relent in its efforts to ensure that people adhere to the law of the land.

And Livingstone city council Chief Health Inspector Muchoka Muchoka said the products had been confiscated because the trader is in breach of the food and drugs act 303 of the laws of Zambia regulation number 421.


Meanwhile, Mr Sikanyika has also revealed that the council closed down over four shops that were selling alcohol in breach of the market and bus act.

 He said that three shops in Chandamali and one Highlands residential areas have been closed.