A Headman in Luwingu appeals for more teachers

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—————Village Headman Ndoki in Senior Chief Shimumbi’S area of the Bemba speaking people has appealed to the Ministry of Education,
Science, Vocational Training and Early Education, to consider sending more teachers to Ndoki basic school next term.


The Village Headman made a passionate appeal to government through Luwingu District Commissioner Mambwe Katontoka who was in the area to assess the dilapidated Ndoki rural health center yesterday.


The Village Headman said people in the area were very happy when Ndoki school introduced basic education curriculum which was relevant, effective and in line with the basic education reforms at that time.


He said the introduction meant to improve teaching and learning outcome through a school curriculum with flexible methodologies and increased trust on relevant co skills but this has completely failed due to non availability of teachers.


Village Headman Ndoki said the school has only three teachers to run grade one to nine a situation he described as unfortunate.


The Village Headman also revealed that examination leakage in Senior Chief Shimumbi was another issue which government need to handle with maximum observation.


He observed that some pupils passing grade seven and nine do not know how to write and read in the area and wondered how they pass.


He said it was very disheartening to send children to school when they are actually doing nothing because the schools have no teachers to man the institutions.


He said it is not attainable to send teachers to all the schools, then government should re-introduce the untrained teaching where grade twelve school levers could be employed to handle grade four up to seven.


He said this system helped many children in the out skirts where qualified teachers were shunning the area due to long distances.


And Luwingu District Commissioner pleaded with the Headman to encourage their children to continue going to school adding that the Ministry of Education has embarked on employing new teachers.


Mrs. Katontoka said Ndoki and other surrounding schools in Senior Chief Shimumbi will be among the beneficiaries of new teachers.


She said marrying off children at tender age is not a solution but that parents should try by all means to send children to school.


Mrs. Katontoka said the observation made by Village Headman Ndoki were genuine adding there was need to send staff to help run the school before the community is demoralized.