Southern farmers should adopt irrigation system

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Climate Change Advocate, Victor Musonda says farmers in Southern province need to change their farming system to irrigation as opposed to dependence on the rain season if the crop production yield is to improve.

Speaking on the boiling Point Radio Programme on Zambezi FM this morning whose topic was the looming hunger situation, Mr Musonda said a lot of factors have contributed to the poor crop production in the province and, climate change is one of them.

He said also noted that the type of soil in some areas is not friendly for crop growing hence affecting the crop production.

Mr Musonda said it is high time farmers picked a more positive solution to crop production as the current one of waiting for the rains is negatively affecting crop production.

He pointed out that one major contributing factor of climate change is cutting down of trees that leave the land bare, resulting in soil erosion when it rains.

He said the people need to help sustain the environment as it also contributes to better yields.

There have been reports that Southern Province has recorded poor crop production which may lead to hunger situation.