Ndoki health centre in Luwingu district on verge of collapse

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—————– Luwingu District Commissioner Mambwe Katontoka says Ndoki rural health centre is in a verge of collapsing because of huge cracks developing on the walls due to heavy rain experienced last rainy season.


And the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health has already condemned the only building as unfit for human habitation.


The Ministry has since called for an immediate closure of the centre to save lives especially that for sick people.


Mrs. Katontoka who travelled to the area to assess the state of the government building which was constructed in 1998 said the building has become very dangerous and pleaded with the Ministry of Education to allow one of the teachers houses which is vacant to be used as a health center for the time being.


She said the situation on the ground was very dangerous that the building if not attended to could clash the people using it.


The District Commissioner upon seeing the building in question was demoralized and had no words to say.


Mrs. Katontoka said the institution is meant to cater for over 50, 000 people and others from villages situated in Chilubi district saying if it is close completely, then the local people will suffer a lot.


She said that Ndoki rural health centre is located about 200km southwest of the district administration in Lubansenshi constituency.


Mrs. Katontoka also disclosed that Ruthens Construction Company engaged to construct a maternity annex at Ndoki rural health center has vanished after only delivered over 300 pockets of cement, door and window frames, wheel barrows, brick force wire and spider trances.


She said the cement which was delivered between November 2011 and February 2012 has expired, hardened and con not be used in any construction work.


And speaking on behalf of Ndoki residents, Francis Kasonde said the community in the area is ready to contribute over 25 percent to ensure that the construction of a new rural health center including staff houses is done.


Mr. Kasonde said it will be unfair for government to close the rural health centre without providing a lasting solution to help people access clinical services.


And Ndoki school Head Teacher Geshom Chibuye said following the crises in the area, the school stands with the community to release one teacher’s house to be used as temporal health centre as government looks into the issue.


“We are here because the center is on our door step, if it is closed what next. We will also leave the area. There is no way will survive without a health institution,” he lamented.