Entire MMD executive in Isangano ward in Luwingu resign to join PF

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—————– The entire MMD executive in Isangano ward in Lubansenshi constituency have resigned leaving only the Ward Councilor in the party.


Mr. Francis Kasonde who was the Ward Chairman disclosed to Zambia News and Information Services in Luwingu that the executive resigned to join the ruling patriotic front.


Mr. Kasonde called on their Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka to consider resigning as independent Member of Parliament and join the ruling PF for the area to benefit from government.


He observed that for the past six years Lubansenshi constituency has been in opposition adding that time has come for people to realize that the Member of Parliament cannot bring development in the area unless he works with the government of the day.


Mr. Kasonde said if Mucheleka resigns and re-contest the seat under the ruling PF he would be given maximum support by the community who wants to benefit from government.


He observed that roads in Lubansenshi constituency were in a deplorable state as compared to roads in Lupososhi constituency.


Mr. Kasonde said the government has promised people of Lupososhi constituency with improved road network while in Lubansenshi only one road has been earmarked for graveling.