Dandy Krazy apologizes to the nation

Dandy Krazy
Dandy Krazy
Dandy Krazy

SINGER Wesley Moses Chibambo popularly known as Dandy Krazy has embarked on a campaign to sensitize the Youth and Children against the use of drugs and alcohol abuse.
Airtel Zambia Corporate Affairs and Head of Government Relations Chabuka Jerome Kawesha stated in a statement released yesterday that Chibambo said he is willing to work with all relevant Law Enforcement
Agencies including the Drug Enforcement Commission and see how he can work with them in helping sensitize the Youth and fellow Musicians in the fight against the use of drugs and alcohol abuse.
According to the statement which noted “this is not an Airtel statement, but Dandy’s” stated Chibambo said this in reference to his conviction and subsequent sentencing by the Luanshya Magistrates Court
for the offence of possession of drugs.
He further said “with the support from Airtel, I am willing to undergo rehabilitation and change for the better”.
“I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my funs and the nation at large”, he said.
“Being an Ambassador for Airtel, I regret having my name and the name of the organization tarnished in this manner”, he said.

I would like to thank my family, friends and fans who have been there for me during my trials.
Chibambo lost his advertisement and endorsement contract with Airtel Zambia, a day after the Drug Enforcement Commission arrested him for allegedly trafficking cannabis.
The dance hall singer, has been part of the new wave of new rising Copperbelt pedigree, famous for vocally highly-digitalised computer generated beats.