Sinyangwe calls for proactive approach among government workers

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—–Central Province Permanent Secretary, Anne Sinyangwe has called on all government Departmental Heads in the province to be proactive and find a lasting solution to the many challenges that are being faced by the respective new districts in the province.

Ms Sinyangwe also said government is welcoming initiatives and notions on the actions needed to alleviate the so many challenges being witnessed in the newly created districts in the province.

She said this when she officiated at the Provincial Quarterly Management meeting for all Provincial and District Departmental Heads held in Chisamba district.

Mrs Sinyangwe observed that the Provincial Heads are reluctant in distribution of Human Resource to the newly established districts, thereby, delaying the endeavours and desire by government  to develop the new districts.

The Permanent Secretary was prompted to give a directive to the Provincial Heads to send relevant personnel to the newly created districts following complaints by Chisamba District Commissioner, Ferdinand Chipindi who coincided with new District Report Presenters from Chitambo and Luwano and pointed out challenges of inadequate Human Resource that has apparently, hampered the growth of the districts.

The representatives also raised concern on the issues of inadequate Health, Educational, Agricultural and Transport facilities among others in their respective districts.

Additionally, Mr Chimpindi called for support from the people of Chisamba and Provincial Heads, saying that the newly appointed District Commissioners cannot work alone in carrying out the current and prospective developmental projects in the recently established districts.

He has therefore appealed to the Provincial Administration to quickly address the presented challenges and observed that the problems are hampering their desire to contribute to not only provincial but national development.

He further disclosed that the new District has been availed with 10 houses and over 17 offices readily available for occupation by a number of government departments.

And, Mr Chimpindi has paid tribute to the Zambia Postal Services, Food Reserve Agency, Zambia Railways Limited and others in the district for offering infrastructure for temporal offices occupation as the District Administration awaits the eventual erection of an administration block.