Veep meets Zambians

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Vice President Guy Scott has urged Zambians in the diaspora to wage a vicious counter campaign against the negative media campaign targeting President Michael Sata and the Patriotic Front (PF) government.

Dr Scott said it was the responsibility of every Zambian including those living outside the country to speak well about their own country when it comes under unfair attacks.

The Vice President said it was unfortunate that President Sata and PF government have been accused of bad governance record by certain sections of society when it was in fact true that progress has been made in the governance system of the country since the PF came to power in 2011.

Dr Scott cited the issuance of permits to all political players and equal coverage by the media as some of the positive strides scored by the PF government under the leadership of President Michael Sata.

The Vice President was speaking last night at the Zambian High commission when he addressed Zambians living in Kenya during a get together function.

On the appointment of opposition members of parliament into cabinet, Dr Scott explained that they were invited because the PF has the minority numbers in the house adding that the trend was not new as other former presidents like the late Dr Levy Mwanawasa also did the same to strengthen the governance system of the country.

“The appointments of opposition members of parliament are not meant to create a one party state as it is being alleged,” said Dr Scott.

The Vice President also dismissed media reports that campaigns by other political parties have not been going on in the country.

Meanwhile, Vice President Dr Guy Scott said investigations into allegations of corruption by former leaders is a universal trend which was not only happening in Zambia.

In apparent reference to former president Rupiah Banda who is currently undergoing court proceedings for alleged corrupt practices, Dr Scott gave an example of Brazil where former president Lula da Silva is being investigated.

And Dr Scott has assured Zambians living in the diaspora that the constitution road map is being driven by serious people and that the good job they are doing will culminate into a good document by July 2013.

and contributing to a question and answer session, former president Dr Kenneth Kaunda appealed to Zambians in the diaspora not to worry about the constitution road map as it is being handled by a team of able Zambians lead by Justice Annel Silungwe and other honest men and women who should wind up work by end of this year.

“I want to respond on behalf of the vice president the wonderful job being done by the PF back home”, said Dr Kaunda.


A Zambian catholic priest living in Nairobi Father Edeus Kalyepe asked the vice president to shed light on the constitution road – map which he said had lost momentum and was not within the 90 days promise made by the PF during its campaigns before the 2011 elections.


Meanwhile, Finance deputy minister Miles Sampa said government was looking at the possibility of creating an attractive package through which bank accounts could be opened for Zambians living in the diaspora in which they would be contributing funds to help devlop the country.


And president of the Association of Zambians living in Kenya Dr Dennis Mwanza said most of them here are want to come back home as soon as their tours of duty are over.


Among the prominent Zambians working in Kenya are former Copperbelt University vice chanvellor professor Mutale Musonda, former supreme court judge Dr Frederick Chomba, Evangelical Fellowship Church Director for East Africa Rev Dr Japhet Ndhlovu and Civil Society activist Samuel Mulafulafu.


Earlier, Zambian High Commissioner to Kenya Mary Zambezi said the mission in Nairobi had set-up a think tank comprising the prominent Zambians led by Prof Musonda to explore investment opportunities in Kenya to help create jobs and develop the Zambian economy.