Govt committed to enhanced relationship with Church

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—-Defence Minister, Geoffrey Mwamba, says the Patriotic Front (PF) Government is committed to seeing enhanced cordial relationship between the Church and Government.

Mr Mwamba says the Church is the custodian of God’s love in accordance with the Holy Scripture in the Bible in John 3:16 and has the duty to respond to the love of God.

The Minister said this today when he officially opened a two days Prophetic and Healing Conference by the Presence of God Ministry International Ministries at Government Complex.

He said Government recognises the Church as an all-weather partner towards national development because it is the central point where people gather from all works of life.

Mr Mwamba stated that the Church has the duty to unite the country through God-given mandate as written in the book of Corinthians 5:17.

He has since called on the church to be impartial and neutral because Zambia needs love and healing not only in sickness that affect people but also in poverty, gender-based violence and many emotional traumas.

The minister has also urged the politicians to redefine their cause and stop politics of hate and stand for love.

And Presence of God Ministries International founder, Christopher Kunda, said the Church will continue to pray for the spirit of God in Government.

Apostle Kunda said it is important for leaders in government to have the spirit of God as that of Joseph in the Bible to rule under the influence and the leadership of God.