Kampengele public workers to improve work culture

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——Lusaka District Commissioner, Ashell Kampengele, has called on civil servants in the district to improve on their work culture.

Mr Kampengele said there is need for civil servants to have a heart for the people they serve instead of looking at their personal interest.

The District Commissioner said this in Lusaka when he officiated at the First Quarter District Development Coordinating Committee meeting (DDCC).

Mr Kampengele said the DDCC is an important forum where developmental programmes for the district are discussed for the improvement of living conditions of the people.

He explained that Lusaka, being the seat of government, is so sensitive as such people keenly follow whatever the district is doing.

Mr Kampengele further advised all heads of departments in the district to work extra hard if the district is to deliver development to the city of Lusaka.

He said there is also need for civil servants to exhibit good behaviour and discipline in order for them to earn respect in the service they are providing.

Mr Kampengele implored the workers to dress smartly at their work place and keep the working environment clean.

He said issue of illegal land allocation in the city need to be urgently addressed by the Lusaka city council.

Mr Kampenegele has since given a two-month ultimatum to the Lusaka City Council to improve the situation on illegal land allocation in Lusaka district.